As a Head Start/Early Head Start Delegate Agency we are committed to generate in-kind contributions as we seek volunteers for every aspect of our operational needs.

The time you dedicate to your children and KIDCO greatly support these efforts and certainly enhances our quality. We need you volunteer work and ask that you please sign on as a volunteer. There are endless opportunities available and these include an orientation and training.

Sign up to be a KIDCO Volunteer and make a difference!!!

Become a volunteer! Call our office at (305) 576-6990.


By donating to KIDCO you are investing in the lives of the young children we serve; you are investing in our financial stability and as a not-for-profit organization you will be able to use your donation for tax purposes.

Your donations can be in the form of time (in-kind) dedicated to the actual program, donations can be monetary and these funds can be earmarked by the donor, and it can also be in the form of a planned gift.

Thank you do much for your support and consideration of donating to KIDCO.

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