Why Choose KIDCO?

We make it our priority to engage your child in environments which support learning opportunities and experiences that promote children’s total growth and development. As the child’s first and foremost teacher, we count on you to share information about your child as a learner and your role as your child’s education advocate. These efforts take place each day and have a vital impact on their future. A tour of our facilities can be scheduled upon request.

KIDCO recognizes how important it is to provide young children with nurturing, challenging and diverse environments that support active learning and build positive self-esteem. We accomplish these goals by being a high-quality early care and education program. KIDCO is a community-based organization, with active Parent and Policy Committees who provide valuable insight into the day to day operations, the curriculum children engage in and the employees who work to make KIDCO an excellent place to work.

KIDCO keeps up to date with research-based trends and applies best practices to the daily curriculum. This requires credentialed, well-informed employees. Our teachers, teacher assistants, and service area personnel give children the necessary guidance, structure and flexibility they need, as they become active, life-long learners. There is a staff development model in place to support teaching staff to maximize children’s intellectual development. At KIDCO we aim to provide each child with fun and creative experiences that foster their cognitive, social, creative, emotional and physical development.

KIDCO Express Newsletter

Teachers are the first to plan activities for the children in their classroom every week and these activities are carried our on a daily basis. Other activities are planned for children as groups and sometimes at the center such as, visits from the dentist, the fire department and field trips. These activities are identified in the KIDCO Express Newsletter. Please stay informed.

Communication is key to our success. Each month the KIDCO EXPRESS Newsletter is shared to bring parents the dates highlighting events, birthdays, trainings, and other activities. Please read the newsletter and stay informed.

February 2018 - Febrero 2018                 JANUARY 2019 - ENERO 2019                        JANUARY 2019 - ENERO 2020

March 2018 - Marzo 2018                       FEBRUARY 2019 -  FEBRERO 2019                  FEBRUARY 2020 - FEBRERO 2020                                                  

May 2018 - Mayo 2018                           MARCH 2019 - MARZO 2019                          MARCH 2020 - MARZO 2020                                  

August 2018 - Agosto 2018                     APRIL 2019 - ABRIL 2019          

September 2018 - Septiembre 2018         MAY 2019 - MAYO 2019

October 2018 - Octubre 2018                  JUNE 2019JUNIO 2019 

November 2018Noviembre 2018          JULY 2019 - JULIO 2019

December 2018 - Diciembre 2018               AUGUST 2019 - AGOSTO 2019

                                                                  SEPTEMBER 2019 SEPTIEMBRE 2019

                                                                  OCTOBER 2019 - OCTUBRE 2019

                                                                  NOVEMBER 2019 - NOVIEMBRE 2019

                                                                  DECEMBER 2019 - DICIEMBRE 2019

Emergency Preparedness

Safety is always a priority. The KIDCO COOP Plan guide identifies the existing resources at KIDCO and the resources KIDCO would assess so that they may be offered to the children, parents, staff, community friends and partners during and after any potential emergency.

                                                                                       Emergency Preparedness Plan (COOP Plan)

Manuals & Forms

Monthly Food Menus

KIDCO is a Sponsor Agency under the Child Care Food Program, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The approved Breakfast, Lunch and Snack menus are posted at each site and can also be found in the “Services Tab” on our Home page. It is important that parents always check what their child will be enjoying on any specific day. Your input is always appreciated. Certified and knowledgeable staff works very hard to develop a menu that is healthy, appealing and tasty for our children. ENJOY!!!!

2017-2018 Menus

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