Employment Opportunities

Our KIDCO team is made up of people who are willing to give high-quality to the clients we serve in a positive and respectful manner. This is also expected in the daily work with other team mates and administration. Positions include:

  • Teacher
  • Teacher Assistant
  • Family Services Worker
  • Family Services Aide
  • Program Assistant
  • Education Facilitator
  • Nutrition Facilitator
  • Facilities Facilitator
  • Operations Facilitator
  • Food Service Worker

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Staff Development

KIDCO Policies and Procedures define that employees are hired for their skills and abilities in certain areas. It is very important for employees to support their defined responsibilities and expectations. One basic premise is for all employees to perform at their highest level. Therefore, Staff Development is key in KIDCO’s overall success as an accredited early care and education program.

KIDCO provides meaningful opportunities for employees to further their knowledge in specific content areas in Early Childhood Education. KIDCO expects their employees to keep up with any mandatory credits or coursework necessary for them to carry out the job they have been hired to perform.


Our main funding partner, the Head Strat/Early Head Start program offers a variety of resources for all the participating children and families. Some of these resources include nutritional calendars; an annual pre-service conference for all employees, on-going training, mentoring.


As part of being a member of the KIDCO family employees are provided with health insurance benefits, paid sick and vacation days, 12 legal holidays with pay, and other benefits that are in accordance with local, state and federal laws and guidelines.

Employee Manuals & Documents

The primary manual vital to KIDCO is the Policies and Procedures Manual. This is the most comprehensive and inclusive document KIDCO provides each staff member.

Employee Handbook
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